Ethics Reform

The high level convictions of Elected Officials in past years have proven that we must make substantial ethics reforms in New York in order to restore the trust of the people. These reforms must be comprehensive - touching on conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, transparency, accountability, and enforcement. We must remove special interests and self-interest from controlling and influencing government at the expense of the people. Our legislators must put our communities and the individuals they represent first.


I am advocating the following reforms as a starting point:


  • Banning or severely limiting outside employment (or self-employment) income of legislators without increasing salaries. Most outside income is currently earned in professions and industries that inherently breed conflicts of interests.
  • Closing the LLC loophole which allows donors to greatly surpass campaign contribution limits.
  • Independent redistricting that will end political gerrymandering and encourage competitive elections.
  • Increased penalties for violations of ethics rules by public officials.
  • Forfeiture of pensions and benefits for any public official convicted of corruption.
  • The expansion and enforcement of the prohibition of campaign contributions for personal use.
  • Increased resources to JCOPE, the Board of Elections and law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute corruption and ethics violations.
  • Stricter disclosure laws including but not limited to:
    • Mandatory disclosure and recusal on any conflict of interest that presents a direct or indirect pecuniary interest for a legislator.
    • Disclosure of referral sources from lobbyists, attorneys or other professionals.
    • Disclosure of referrals to lobbyists, attorneys or other professionals.
  • Create an ethical obligation for Public Officials to report violations of NYS ethics rules and suspected public corruption.