After speaking with parents and educators across the district, it is apparent that improving education for our children is a top priority for all of our district residents. While my husband and I have not yet been blessed with children, and we have not personally experienced these troubles, I have heard from parents of the many struggles their children face in our overly tested and crowded classrooms. As our senator, I will fight for the very best in funding and resources for the families of this district. 

As NYS Senator I would advocate for:

- The establishment of community schools in more of our neighborhoods. These schools provide important services to students and their families, leading to greater success.

- Reduced class sizes, which have been proven to have a positive impact on classroom results. Studies have shown that smaller class sizes produce better results than increasing the hours of the school day or extending the school year.

- Advocate for permanent fixes to New York’s failed educational assessments and teacher evaluations. Linking school funding to test scores does nothing to help struggling schools which face a widely different set of challenges than high performing schools.

- Opposition to the tuition tax credit bill and school voucher plans that would divert hundreds of millions of dollars from already underfunded public schools. These policies will result in a tax loophole that won’t benefit the average taxpayer and do nothing to strengthen our educational system.